Pet Wellness Exams

Bethel Animal Hospital strives to help your pet feel and look their best at every stage of life. One of the most important ways we monitor your pet’s health is through wellness exams and early-detection bloodwork. These visits allow our team to keep up with your pet throughout their life and enable us to create a health baseline for them.

We offer a complete nose-to-tail exam during each wellness appointment to ensure your pet is up to date on all vaccinations and preventive treatments. Schedule an appointment with our team today to help your pet feel their best!

Why Are Wellness Exams Important for My Pet?

Many pet owners know that a wellness exam is the first step after bringing a new puppy or kitten home. This initial visit creates a health baseline, and your veterinarian can provide the proper vaccinations and discuss important topics, such as spay and neutering, nutrition, etc. 

Some pet owners are skeptical about bringing their pets in for wellness exams — especially when their pet is perfectly healthy. However, wellness exams are a central aspect of your pet’s well-being, much like regular checkups for humans.

How Often Should I Take My Pet for a Wellness Exam?

Even if your pet is completely healthy or has had limited health issues throughout their life, it’s essential to take advantage of wellness visits. Scheduling yearly appointments is crucial in maintaining your pet’s health and positively impacts your pet’s longevity. Generally, a healthy pet should visit a veterinarian for a full checkup at least once a year after turning one year old. Your dog or cat’s annual exam is an excellent time to discuss their growth, nutrition, predisposition for genetic conditions and other nonurgent concerns.

A wellness exam ensures your veterinarian can focus on overall health and preventive medicine rather than treating immediate concerns. By monitoring your pet’s health, it is easier for our team to detect early changes, which may signify the onset of disease or existing condition deterioration.

What an Annual Dog or Cat Exam Covers

Establishing a Nutritious Diet and Healthy Body Weight

While the right diet can help your pet have a healthier life, knowing where to start can be challenging. During your wellness exam, you can discuss the best options for your pet based on age, breed, lifestyle and any intolerances or sensitivities. This is also a good time to discuss any concerns about nutrition or body condition with your veterinarian. Our team can recommend high-quality foods for a complete and balanced diet and can help you develop a plan to keep your pet at a healthy weight.

Approximately 40% of all Americans are obese. Not surprisingly, this same statistic now applies to our pets. Obesity leads to several diseases both in pets and people. Diet and weight reduction are the key to ensuring your pet lives a long and healthy life.

Using Blood Work for Preventive Medicine

While physical exams are an essential part of these visits, lab work is necessary to gain insight into your pet’s internal health. Lab work can detect diseases and illnesses that may not appear on a physical exam, such as heartworm disease, abnormal blood cell counts, blood sugar levels, and the functions of essential organs like the liver, kidneys, and thyroid. 

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